Delivering the right medication at the right time, all the time

Cost may be covered by most insurance companies,
including Medicare and Medicaid


Automated Medication Management System

There is an urgent need for a unique and reliable automated medication management system!

Why Us?

Health Insurers

Decreased cost through improved medication adherence. The entire cost of the device is less than the cost of an avoidable emergency room visit.

Hospitals and Clinics

Improved patient satisfaction and better clinical outcomes. Real-time information regarding the medications your patients are actually taking.

Home Care Agencies

Reduced staff requirements by eliminating the need to control medications. Improved medication adherence results in better quality outcomes and safer medication management.


Peace of mind knowing your loved ones are taking their correct medications at the correct times.

Features Overview


Safe access and delivery of medication.


A cloud server 24/7 monitoring, P.R.N delivery controls, cross-reaction check and auto-refills.

Taking medicine
Patient centered care system

Data transmission under HIPAA to determine and monitor the best medication regimen.


medications are actually taken at the prescribed time.

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Did You Know?

Medication non-adherence leads to:

0 %
of all hospitalizations
annual deaths
$ 0 B+
annual hospital costs
*US Market; VADM Regina M. Benjamin, Surgeon General’s Perspective

Customer Feedback

My brother was taking 21 different medications a day to manage his cancer. We couldn’t have managed without medi-trust to manage his medications. It really gave us peace of mind.